Where  to Eat in Playa Grande? Read our Frijoles Locos Guide to Playa Grande restaurants, bars and nighlife. 

For a small town, Playa Grande has a wide selection of places to eat, good food, good service and never too far away.

 RipJack Inn

The RipJack Inn is an excellent choice for any time of day. This upstairs restaurant has ocean view dining a great atmosphere, bubbly vibe and parking close to the main peak of Playa Grande if you surf. Breakfast, lunch and dinner in a family friendly atmosphere, with great food. Prices around $8 for breakfast, $12 for lunch, and dinner from around $14 to $25. Try their signature Hot Garlic Shrimp dish for dinner or appetizer. For breakfast, the huevos rancheros are hard to beat, along with the Typical Costa Rican breakfast. The bar serves up a dazzling selection of tropical and traditional cocktails, along with the must-try beer michelada style. Just ask for it and enjoy 🙂

 The Marber

The Marbar serves up delicious breakfast burritos with homefries or fruit for around $7. Wraps and light lunch options, including yummy pank chicken, the most incredible french fries, as well as well priced, delicious dinner options available. We love their chicken curry meal, as well as their signature pasta dish. Mojitos are a drink of choice here, and their chocolate cake for dessert is a great way to end the day.

 The Great Waltini’s

The Great Waltini’s, located at Hotel Bula Bula, in Palm Beach Estates to the south end of Playa Grande, offers fresh seafood and grilled meats, turkey dinners and Club Sandwiches for lunch. B,L,D served daily. They have a large bar area, with excellent selection of beverages.

 Kike’s Place

Kike’s Place, on the right hand side as you are leaving town, just past Frijoles Locos Surf Shop, has cheap, good food. 7-8 minute walk from main parking area at Hotel Las Tortugas, this is the place to go to mingle with the locals. Kike, the owner loves to play backgammon, and will likely drop what he is doing to participate in a game or two. Good vibes, good people.

 Cafe Del Pueblo

Cafe Del Pueblo, a little further out of town (3 to 4 minutes drive from the beach, on the left as you leave town), has pasta and pizza, as well as gorgonzola tenderloin, and the best pannacotta for dessert! A must visit on your trip to Playa Grande.

El Huerto Pizzeria

El Huerto Pizzeria is located on the left just past Kike’s Place as you head out of town. Renowned for its hard to beat pizza, this is the place to go for pizza.

Pizza Restaurants, Playa Grande

Pizza is also available at Kike’s Place in addition to Cafe del Pueblo and El Huerto.

Typical Tico Food, Playa Grande

Typical Costa Rican style food available at Kike’s Place, and Las Malinches in Palm Beach Estates.