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Playa Grande Surf Shop, Costa Rica
Playa Grande Costa Rica Body Board Rental
Playa Grande Costa Rica Boogie Board Rental

Boogie Boards & Body Boards

If you prefer to enjoy the surf using a boogie board or body board, we offer a wide range of premium rental options for the whole family to enjoy the waves in Playa Grande and surrounding areas.

We carry a large selection of bodyboards for rent.

Waveskater bodyboards are a fun new design, with channels underneath to increase speed, and a concave deck for a more streamlined profile.

We have small kids sized boogie boards, and everything in between up to large adults sized boogie boards.

When selecting the correct size, look for a body board that comes up to your belly-button. Bigger is fine, but too small and it will make it difficult to catch waves.

Up to 4 Hours

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Playa Grande Costa Rica Frijoles Locos Surf Shop Body Board Rental
Playa Grande Costa Rica Surf Shop Boogie Board Rental
Frijoles Locos Body Board and Boogie Board rentals

Boogie Board Care

Please ensure boogie boards are not left top-side up in the sun. Turn the board over so that the slick hard bottom is facing up when not in use and in the sun. Thank you. Pura Vida!

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Frijoles Locos Playa Grande Costa Rica Surf Shop Trip Advisor Reviews

Surfboard Rentals!

We were three families renting a variety of boards for a week ranging from SUPSs to Thrusters. Corynne and Ian were very accommodating and helped us with our selection for all our different riders. The service was outstanding and really made for a great surf vacation.

Bob M / TripAdvisor