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Your Playa Grande vacation wouldn’t be the same without An amazing massage!

There is no better time to indulge in a massage therapy session than when you are relaxed, with nowhere to be and nothing to do. Your Playa Grande vacation wouldn’t be the same without one of the spa’s amazing massages.

Arelys Gomez took over the spa in 2014 after working for Frijoles Locos for a number of years. Now, independent and motivated to succeed, you can still be sure of a fantastic experience.

Whether you love a good, strong deep tissue/ sports massage, a relaxation massage, or something in-between… you can find what you are looking for at “El Frijol Feliz Day Spa” here in Playa Grande. Perhaps you would prefer to receive a manicure or pedicure to revamp dry, tired feet or hands that have worked too hard! Treat yourself to a fantastic facial, or combine a number of treatments to make a day of it. Whichever way you choose to unwind, the friendly professional therapists at El Frijol Feliz Day Spa are waiting to help you.

If the offerings at the spa aren’t enough, email us and we can connect you with other local healers and professionals. Treat what ails you with an Acupuncture appointment with Caroline Heaviland, a certified and experienced Acupuncturist or chat with Corynne, a Naturopath trained in Australia, about improving your health. Want to get some dental work done here? Our favorite holistic dentist, located in Tamarindo can help.  Also in Tamarindo, Chiropractic services abound- ask us for a recommendation.


Grande Relaxation Massage
Drift into another world while your therapist uses gentle massage techniques to improve your circulation, and mobilize your muscles into a deep relaxation state.

60 Minutes – $50
90 Minutes – $70

Feliz Signature Massage
Enjoy 60 or 90 minutes of absolute bliss while the tension in your body is firmly kneaded away. This massage is deeper than our Grande Relaxation Massage, with just a touch of ‘good pain’. You select the aroma for your own room, from our extensive range of 100% pure, Australian essential oils.

60 Minutes – $60
90 Minutes – $85

Heavenly Hot Stone Massage
Experience the healing power of local volcanic stones, smoothed to perfection by the sand and waves. Combine this with the healing touch of a trained therapist, and you will wonder if you are in heaven already.

60 Minutes – $70
90 Minutes – $100

Deep Tissue / Sports Massage
With optional cupping- for those who need muscular problems addressed, or wanting a strong, therapeutic massage. Surfers, workaholics, sportspeople, this is for you.

60 Minutes – $60
90 Minutes – $85

Exquisite Exfoliation Experience
Our Happy Bean Coffee Scrub is perfect for banishing dry skin, improving circulation, cellulite control and simply feeling invigorated. This brown sugar and coffee scrub, mixed with virgin coconut oil exfoliates and moisturizes your skin, leaving it incredibly silky smooth. Afterwards, shower off in our outdoor hot shower by the pool.

45 Minutes – $55

Perfect Pedicure
Our feet are good to us… be good to them! Enjoy a foot massage, exfoliation, moisturizing creme and picture perfect polish. Give your feet the reward they deserve by enjoying our “Perfect Pedicure”.

60 Minutes – $35

Masterful Manicure
Our hands carry a huge responsibility too. We type, paint, gesture, wash, drive, lift, cook and eat with them, to name just a few. Why not treat your hands to a little TLC with our Masterful Manicure.

30 Minutes – $25

Perfect Pedicure / Masterful Manicure Combo
Treat both your hands and your feet with this great combo!


Brazilian Bikini Waxing
Using only the very best wax. ‘Blue wax’ which is hard wax, not strip wax, for very sensitive skin. We are the only spa in the area who offer this non-strip wax technique, much less painful, less irritation and redness afterwards. Professionally trained technician, only the best products.

One Session – $38

All other waxing services are available too.

Grande Bliss Package
Start the day off right with a freshly made glass of our detoxifying juice. Enhance the detoxifying effects by stimulating your circulation with our Heavenly homemade sugar scrub. You get to choose the essential oil aroma for your treatment. Following your exfoliation, wrapped in a locally made sarong, you will be shown where to rinse off your new silky smooth skin in our outdoor hot shower by the pool. With a glass of pure water in hand, wrapped up in a luxury cotton robe, you will be led to where you will receive your next slice of bliss, your 90 minute full body relaxation massage. To satisfy your appetite, the light meal you have already chosen this morning will be waiting for you to enjoy by the pool or on the terrace. After lunch you will enjoy a pedicure, followed by a manicure, leaving you not only feeling great, but looking great too!

4.5 Hour Package – $175*

*Price does not include gratuity. Based on availability. The approximate duration of our Grande Bliss Package is 4 1/2 hours. We can arrange for transport to and from our location. Treatments at your place, add $10 per treatment.

Frijoles Locos Playa Grande Surf Shop Reviews

Frijol Feliz Day Spa

I received a deep tissue massage at the Frijol Feliz Day Spa located at the Frijoles Locos Surf shop in Playa Grande a week ago and it was excellent. What a great way to enhance a great vacation. Corynne and her staff were very professional and the massage was so relaxing, I think I probably scared the therapist with my snorts as I drifted in and out of sleep. I would certainly recommend it to everyone! I was in a dazed state of bliss for the rest of the day!

Ben W. / TripAdvisor