Many travelers find great joy in giving back to the communities they visit. Creating meaningful travel is easy when you visit Playa Grande and surrounds on your next trip to Costa Rica!

How can I participate in a meaningful way?


Frijoles Locos Surf Shop is proud to support La Paz Community School. Their scholarship program gives today’s youth all possible chances for a bright future. In generations to come, local families will have more opportunity to create their own businesses and become leaders within the community. At the same time, an increased awareness of our environment and importance of sustainability is encouraged.

La Paz Community School is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2007 in order to address fundamental socioeconomic and cultural gaps prevalent in this region. Providing a meaningful, thoroughly outside the box education to underpriveleged youth paves the way to change. The difference this school makes to the community at an individual, community, and nationwide level is palpable.

Fill empty space in your luggage!

The scholarship program at La Paz Community School enables students who would never have been afforded the chance to receive such a quality education, to do so. While donations to the scholarship fund help cover costs of education, there are so many other needs to be met, which is where you can really help (Pack for a Purpose).

Pack for a Purpose encourages travelers to fill space and empty pounds in their luggage with much needed supplies such as crayons, pens, pencils, rulers, compasses, frisbees, musical instruments and more. Check on the Pack for a Purpose site to see what is in most demand at the time of travel.


Meaningful travel starts with action from you! Frijoles Locos supports CEPIA, founded by the wonderful, talented and visionary Laeticia DeWeer. CEPIA is an organization that helps improve the quality of life of youth and families in the local area, by supporting and training to assist the poor in job placement, teaching new skills, attending to physical and mental health of those in need, and promoting cultural development.

Your time and effort is appreciated- contact CEPIA to find out ways to can help.


Thank you for your time and effort in giving back to the community you are visiting. In this way, you are truly helping to change the future of these wonderful children and consequently, their own families.