Los Amigos de Frijoles Locos

Links to Our Playa Grande, Costa Rica Friends

Swell Forecast

For the swell forecast to help you plan when to come, to check the day’s surf report on Playa Grande, or plan when to take a boat trip we recommend www.magicseaweed.com.

Ocean Awareness & Safety

To keep your family safe and increase ocean awareness, be sure to revise your plan and check out http://beachsafe.org.au/surf-ed/ripcurrents.

Buying & Renting Surf Boards

To select your next Channel Islands surf board to buy or rent while in Costa Rica, check out www.cisurfboards.com.

Tide Charts

For an easy to navigate tide chart, check out the Tamarindo Tides page on “Tamarindo Beach Business Directory” at http://tamarindotides.com.

Beach Hotel

For quality hotel accommodation just across the street from the beach, have a look at the RipJack Inn at www.ripjackinn.com.

Surf Friends in Maine

If you are in the Maine area, be sure to say hi to Nanci at Aquaholics Surf Shop – the only place to go for quality surf lessons and all the surf gear you could ever need.  Check them out at www.aquaholicsurf.com.

Surf Friends in South Carolina

If you are in Myrtle Beach, SC, drop in and check out the extensive selection of surfboards, stand-up paddle-boards, and all kinds of equipment and clothing for fun at the beach at Surf City Surf Shops. Make sure you say hi to Mark and Laura Allison. Check them out at www.surfcitysurfshop.com.

Surf Friends in Maine

Our friends at Warm Winds Surf Shop in Narragansett, Rhode Island will ensure you have everything you need for your North East surfing experience. Check them out at www.warmwinds.com.

Indonesia Surf Trip

Traveling to Indonesia for your next surf trip? You cannot go wrong staying at Kandui Resort.  Check them out at http://www.mentawaiislands.com/kandui/.

Grassroots Surf Culture

Liquid Roots is simplicity; a homegrown movement building community. Liquid Roots was started up by a local surfer as a surf blog/website out of Florida, repping the whole Right Coast! Covering surf travels, local pics, vids, all kinds of happenings and other things! It is our sole focus to support the grassroots surf culture as we branch into various streams. Stay connected right here on Liquid-Roots dot com for all updates as we continue to grow. Join the movement at http://www.liquid-roots.com/.

Surfing in Other Countries

Going surfing to other countries? Check out http://www.surfcamp-online.com/.

Supporting Education in Costa Rica

The most amazing school if you are thinking of spending extended time here… or if you would like to know where best to donate in order to help fund scholarships for local Tico kids who otherwise would not be able to receive an education such as this.  Check out La Paz Community School at www.lapazschool.org.

Live Your Dream Job

Want to change your career and live a dream? Check out what this personal surf trainer did here.

Fantastic Experience!

We had 5 days of surf lessons and loved every minute! Our instructor JJ was amazing, helpful, fun and extremely enthusiastic! Could not have asked for a better experience. Thank you Frijoles Locos! See you next year!

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