Frijoles Locos FAQ

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How can we reserve your vacation rental apartments?
Write us an email at [email protected] to inquire about dates and rates.
Can we book tours with you?

Our concierge service is available to you regardless of whether you are our guests, or guests to Playa Grande in general. Even if you are staying in Tamarindo, Flamingo, Playa Conchal, we are happy to be of assistance. You will be given valuable advice, tours and reservations made on your behalf, and at no additional cost to you. In fact, you will find that our prices are very competitive, and the professional service will ensure a smooth, stress free vacation experience. Write us at [email protected] for our best local recommendations.
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Can you help with renting a car?
Yes, we are happy to help you with your car rental. Looking online at some of the big box names (which are franchises run by locals), you will find a cheaper quote, sometimes alarmingly cheaper. They get you hooked and when you finally get to the counter to pay the car rental, your actual total price is often close to double what you were ‘quoted’. We have heard it happen over and over again. Booking your rental car online might not be the best way to go. Let us help you avoid such an issue and go with our recommendation – we use and trust Adobe Car Rental to provide a great service to our clients.
What is the local currency?

The local currency is Costa Rican Colones, however, US Dollars are accepted as well. The exchange rate varies slightly per day/ location. (600 Colones = 1 Dollar)

Do I have to exchange money?
As US Dollars are accepted throughout Costa Rica, exchanging money is not absolutely necessary, but can come in handy as some prices are illustrated in Colones.
Can I pay with credit card?
Generally, you can pay with credit cards in every bigger store, shop, hotel and restaurant. There are, however, smaller businesses where a payment with credit card is not possible. Usually there is a surcharge for credit card payments, so be sure to ask.
How safe is Costa Rica?
In any country where there is a great difference between those who ‘have’ and those who ‘have not’, there exists at least, petty theft. Petty or opportunistic theft occurs in Costa Rica, and it is up to us as individuals to take responsibility and do our best to avoid giving that opportunity! Flip flops left on the beach alone go walking, tennis shoes left outside are like leaving $150 on the road for someone to pick up… do not leave electronics out of sight when you are not home. Never, ever EVER, leave anything inside your vehicle. Anywhere. Not even for 30 seconds unattended. The number of times we have heard of visitors running into a supermarket to collect last minute souvenir coffee, only to return to no passports, no luggage. Plan ahead, make sure someone is with you, or just don’t leave your belongings unattended.
How safe is driving in Costa Rica?
Driving in Costa Rica needs some getting used to. The country’s unique geography with its mountains, volcanoes, valleys, plains, and coasts has made for a challenging road system. In many rural areas, gravel or dirt roads with numerous potholes are the norm. For this reason, it’s necessary to have a four-wheel drive vehicle in many parts of the country. Other possible obstacles can be road signs which are hard to see in some places, roads that have poor reflectors between the lanes or lining the side of the road, very often little room to pass and people walking near the edge.
Are there any vaccinations required for Costa Rica?

There are no required vaccinations for travel to Costa Rica, however this is subject to change. It is a good idea to check with your country’s travel advisory department for the most up to date requirements. The most up to date entry requirements for Costa Rica are reflected here.

How is the medical care in Costa Rica?

In the event of needing medical assistance or emergency, there is no better option than Beachside Clinic: https://beachsidecliniccr.com/