At Frijoles Locos Surf Shop, we aim to make your life easier! These driving directions from Las Catalinas to Playa Grande are a step by step guide, ensuring no GPS failure or side-roads!

How to find Playa Grande from Las Catalinas:

  • Turn right from the Las Catalinas main guest parking area to head south towards Flamingo.
  • Following this paved road through Potrero, past the soccer field, keeping the soccer field on your left.
  • At the next right-hand turn just after the soccer field, take your RIGHT.
  • Continue until you go over a little bridge, and along the straightaway until a four-way intersection with La Perla bar on your right-hand corner.
  • Turn right here at La Perla
  • Turn left at the stop sign by El Castillo and Bahia del Sol. Straight ahead is the Sailing Center/ beach.
  • Stay straight now until you reach the T intersection where you will see Banco Nacional in front of you.
  • Turn LEFT here at this T-intersection.
  • Follow this paved road from Flamingo, until you come to another T-intersection where you see the beach directly in front of you. To your right far diagonal corner is a restaurant called Camaron Dorado. On your left is LUCY’s Bar and Grill restaurant.
  • Turn LEFT here.
  • Continue all the way through Brasilito, Conchal, to Huacas where you will encounter another main T-intersection (here to the left is Tamarindo, to the right is Matapalo, Playa Grande)
  • Turn RIGHT here. There will be a medium sized brown sign on your right with white letters and a small picture of a turtle that says “Parque Nacional Marino de Las Baulas” which is Playa Grande
  • On your left once you have made the turn, is a large hardware store called COMACO. If this is on your left immediately after you take the right at the T intersection, you are on the right track.
  • Follow this paved road around 6 minutes until you reach another 4 way intersection: on your right is a soccer field, straight ahead the road becomes dirt.
  • Turn LEFT here.
  • Shortly after you take a left, you will pass over a tiny bridge, with a Give Way sign on your side. Use caution approaching the bridge and stop to allow any oncoming cars to pass.
  • Continue along this paved road for around 7 minutes, you will go over a medium sized mountain then descend to a straightaway, passing by a lovely big entryway to a development called Las Ventanas de Playa Grande.
  • Keep going until you start to see some buildings…
  • You will get to a corner with Kike’s Place on your left, then a little school just after that… take the left turn here at the big sign, it is still paved road.
  • Just after making that turn left, you will see Frijoles Locos Surf Shop on your left… we have a brightly colored old jeep out front.

Once in Playa Grande, be sure to give yourself some time. There are great restaurants, a beautiful beach and friendly locals… enjoy it!