Driving Directions From Playa Grande to Playa Danta

1. From Frijoles Locos Surf Shop, take a right at the school to leave Playa Grande.

2. After 7-8 minutes you will arrive in Matapalo. There is a soccer field here. Take a right at the stop sign when you see the soccer field.

3. Follow this paved road for around 5 minutes until you pass by the large hardware store called BAQUORE on your right. Immediately after this, is a LEFT hand turn off towards Flamingo, Conchal, Brasilito. Take this left turn here.

4. Follow this road along, passing through Brasilito, take a sharp right opposite Cameron Dorado (a restaurant on the left hand side) to continue on this paved road. If you end up on dirt road, you went straight when you should have gone right.

5. You will come to a right hand turn opposite Banco Nacional, on a dirt road. There are signs to Las Catalinas and Playa Danta. Take a right here. If you reach a beach on your right hand side, you have gone 200 yards too far.

6. Along this dirt road you will travel, until a 4 way intersection, with El Castillo restaurant on your right. Turn right here.

7. At the next 4 way intersection, Las Perlas bar will be on your left. Turn left here.

8. Continue along this road until the next T-intersection. Turn left here, passing by the soccer field of Potrero on your right.

9. At the next T-intersection, take a right, keeping the soccer field still on your right.

Stay on this road which has been somewhat paved, with kerb and gutters, all the way to Las Catalinas/ Playa Danta. Park in the parking lot and visit our friends at Pura Vida Ride to grab some kayaks, or other rentals and go explore the islands.

The Green Room is the divine new restaurant for Las Catalinas Great food and drinks here!! Tanya is the vibrant and bubbly Kiwi owner- be sure to say hi to her and let her know how you liked her restaurant.