Driving directions from Playa Grande to Playa Avellanas & Hacienda Pinilla Beach Club

1. From Frijoles Locos Surf Shop, head towards Tamarindo: take a right at the school to leave Playa Grande.

2. After 7-8 minutes you will arrive in Matapalo. There is a soccer field here. Take a right at the stop sign when you see the soccer field.

3. In Huacas, just after SuperCompro, take your next RIGHT, towards Tamarindo.

Don’t take the next right turn in Villa Real towards Tamarindo. Instead go straight ahead, following signs to the JW Marriott/ Hacienda Pinilla.

You will continue straight onto a dirt road, passing by el Gollo store on your right.

4. Stay on this dirt road, until you reach the right hand turn to Hacienda Pinilla. Where the road forks right and left, the right has a paved stretch, go on this road, it will stay paved (with lots of pot holes until the entrance to Hacienda Pinilla.

Drive up to the entrance of Hacienda Pinilla and say that you would like to go to the beach club. You can call ahead on 26803000 to see about availability.

The guard will give you directions to the Beach Club.

Surf your brains out at Little Hawaii while your non-surfing family members drink mojitos and eat good food! Everyone is happy!!