Surf Etiquette and Safety

web-photos-frijoles03Surf safety and surf etiquette are paramount to an enjoyable surf session for everyone involved.

Surfing is fun, it’s adrenaline-pumping and life-changing.

Surfing can also be dangerous to you, and those around you- like any sport, or activity, there are guidelines for best practices. Keep reading, to discover how you can minimize the chance of accidents, conflicts with other surfers and maintain good vibes and good karma!

  1. Select the most appropriate location for your skill level. If in doubt, ask your local surf shop.
  2. Surfer closest to where the wave broke has priority, or in some places, it’s the person first on their feet.
  3. Stay out of the way of other surfers- when paddling out, paddle towards the broken part of the wave so you avoid interfering with surfers on the green face.
  4. Don’t be a wave hog- take turns, encourage others.
  5. Be observant, pay attention at all times.
  6. Assist a fellow surfer in trouble or distress.
  7. Spend a little time speaking to locals before surfing- figure out the local vibe, how best to fit in.
  8. Your board is a missile and has the potential to harm another person. Never ditch your board when a surfer is behind you- hold onto it like a life depends on it. Remember a 9ft board with a 9ft leash has a reach of close to 20 feet…. and your fellow surfer on a similar board has the same… try and keep a good 40ft from other beginners.
  9. Relax, have fun, don’t be a jerk. Smile, share and lift the spirits of those around you.
Playa Grande Summer Surf Camp for Kids

Playa Grande Summer Surf Camp for Kids

Our annual Kids Summer Surf Camp has grown each year and now is in such demand that we created TWO camp sessions. Unfortunately Dengue Fever raised its ugly head and grabbed Surf Camp leader Ian Bean…. so we had to change the second camp… however it is back on and update will follow.

The first camp, August 12th, 13th and 14th was a huge hit. Day 3 saw a surf contest for participants, and a presentation ceremony held at Frijoles Locos. Kids enjoyed home made oatmeal cookies for snack, and fresh fruit courtesy of Las Catalinas too.

Below are some photos, courtesy of mom Karalee Machum, highlighting some of the camp’s best moments.

2013 Kids Surf Camp Photo Gallery