Rental Surfboards Playa Grande- Summer 2018

Rental Surfboards Playa Grande- Summer 2018

Playa Grande Premium Surfboard Rentals- Summer 2018

Select Your Sled!
Surfboard Size and Model
5’10 Hayden Shapes Hypto Krypto BRAND NEW
5’10 Flyer Epoxy Channel Islands
5’8 Al Merrick Weirdo Ripper- Channel Islands
5.10ft Grande
5’10 Hayden Shapes Hypto Krypto
5’10 POD MOD Al Merrick Channel Islands
5.11ft Grande
5’11 Pyzel (The Flash)
5’1 Vanguard TOMO
5’3 Firewire EVO
5’3 Joe Channel Islands
5’4 Firewire Potatonator
5’4 Pyzel (rat skull)
5’5 JOE Channel Islands
5’6 Arakawa (Mango)
5’6 Dumpster Diver Channel Islands
5’6ft Hayden Shapes Hypto Krypto
5’6 Hayden Shapes Hypto Krypto
5’6 Surftech Orange Soft Top
5’6 Unit (Super Brand)
5’7 Hawaiian Islands -Arakawa (Pulse)
5’7 Vampirate
5’8 Arakawa (Bandit)
5’8 Arakawa (Hobbit)
5’8 Firewire Greedy Beaver
5’8 Hayden Shapes Hypto Krypto
5’8 Hayden Shapes Hypto Krypto
5’8 Tormenter Flying Fish
5’8 Whip Al Merrick Channel Islands
5’9 Gravy Al Merrick Channel Islands
6’0 Al Merrick Dumpster Diver Channel Islands
6’0 Al Merrick (Fred Rubble) Channel Islands
6’0 Hayden Shapes Psychedelic Germ
6’0 Hayden Shapes Hypto Krypto
6’0 Hayden Shapes Hypto Krypto
6’0 Orange SurfTech Soft Top
6’0 Quiet Flight Atlas
6’0 Super Brand (Head Shifter)
6’0 Surfer Factory
6’0 Vapor model SuperBrand
6’0 Tormenter Flying Fish
6’0 Toy SuperBrand
6’10 Surfer Factory
6’1 Lost Mayhem
6’1 Southpoint
6’2 Firewire Dominator
6’2 Hayden Shapes Psychedelic Germs
6’2 Hayden Shapes Hypto Krypto
6’2 The new Flyer Channel Islands (Surftech technology)
6’3 Byrne
6’4 Epic
6’4 Frijoles Locos CR
6’4 Hayden Shapes Hypto Krypto
6’4 JS Combat
6’5 Firewire
6’6 Hayden Shapes Hypto Krypto
6’6 NSP Fish Epoxy
6’6 Torq
6’8 Hayden Shapes Hypto Krypto
6’8 Surfer Factory
7’0 Green kids Softop
7’0 Surftech Green kids Soft Top
7’0 Walden Mini Magic Green
7’2 Waterhog Channel Islands
8’0 Blue Sunset Softop
8’0 Pink and Black Softops
8’2 Elements NSP
8’4 What I Ride by Robert August
8’6 Beige Soft Top
9’0 Blue Softop
9’0 Donald Takayama In The Pink
9’0 Tormenter
9’0 Walden Magic Model
9’0 Walden MegaMagic SLX
9’0 “What I Ride” Robert August
9’1 McTavish Fireball Evo 2
9’3 Donald Takayama “In The Pink”
9’6 Che Boards
9’6 Meyer Hoffer (modern)
9’6 Walden Mega Magic
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Driving Directions from Las Catalinas to Playa Grande

Driving Directions from Las Catalinas to Playa Grande


At Frijoles Locos Surf Shop, we aim to make your life easier! These driving directions from Las Catalinas to Playa Grande are a step by step guide, ensuring no GPS failure or side-roads!

How to find Playa Grande from Las Catalinas:

  • Turn right from the Las Catalinas main guest parking area to head south towards Flamingo.
  • Following this paved road through Potrero, past the soccer field, keeping the soccer field on your left.
  • At the next right-hand turn just after the soccer field, take your RIGHT.
  • Continue until you go over a little bridge, and along the straightaway until a four-way intersection with La Perla bar on your right-hand corner.
  • Turn right here at La Perla
  • Turn left at the stop sign by El Castillo and Bahia del Sol. Straight ahead is the Sailing Center/ beach.
  • Stay straight now until you reach the T intersection where you will see Banco Nacional in front of you.
  • Turn LEFT here at this T-intersection.
  • Follow this paved road from Flamingo, until you come to another T-intersection where you see the beach directly in front of you. To your right far diagonal corner is a restaurant called Camaron Dorado. On your left is LUCY’s Bar and Grill restaurant.
  • Turn LEFT here.
  • Continue all the way through Brasilito, Conchal, to Huacas where you will encounter another main T-intersection (here to the left is Tamarindo, to the right is Matapalo, Playa Grande)
  • Turn RIGHT here. There will be a medium sized brown sign on your right with white letters and a small picture of a turtle that says “Parque Nacional Marino de Las Baulas” which is Playa Grande
  • On your left once you have made the turn, is a large hardware store called COMACO. If this is on your left immediately after you take the right at the T intersection, you are on the right track.
  • Follow this paved road around 6 minutes until you reach another 4 way intersection: on your right is a soccer field, straight ahead the road becomes dirt.
  • Turn LEFT here.
  • Shortly after you take a left, you will pass over a tiny bridge, with a Give Way sign on your side. Use caution approaching the bridge and stop to allow any oncoming cars to pass.
  • Continue along this paved road for around 7 minutes, you will go over a medium sized mountain then descend to a straightaway, passing by a lovely big entryway to a development called Las Ventanas de Playa Grande.
  • Keep going until you start to see some buildings…
  • You will get to a corner with Kike’s Place on your left, then a little school just after that… take the left turn here at the big sign, it is still paved road.
  • Just after making that turn left, you will see Frijoles Locos Surf Shop on your left… we have a brightly colored old jeep out front.

Once in Playa Grande, be sure to give yourself some time. There are great restaurants, a beautiful beach and friendly locals… enjoy it!

Surf Lessons, Las Catalinas Costa Rica

Surf Lessons, Las Catalinas Costa Rica

Las Catalinas development and resort at Playa Danta is an incredible place to stay for the adventure seeking family.


While the beach right out front of Las Catalinas community is better suited to SUP and kayak, swimming and snorkeling than it is to surfing, a mere 35 minutes away sits Playa Grande, one of the best beaches around for guests of Las Catalinas to take surf lessons.


Why Playa Grande for surf lessons if you are staying at Las Catalinas?


Playa Grande is the closest beach suitable for both experienced AND beginner surfing. This may seem odd at first, however, the name itself explains: ‘big beach’- the beach at Playa Grande is so long, that it stretches almost all the way south to Tamarindo, but without the crowds! One end of the beach boasts one of the most fun waves for intermediate and experienced surfers, while the protected, south end of the beach is perfect for beginner surf lessons.


How does it work? What are my options for surf lessons if I am staying at Las Catalinas?


Private surf lessons are highly recommended, for the simple fact that they are more personalized. You know your family and friends, and how everyone behaves in certain situations. When you invite strangers into the mix, you never know if one will be super scared, needing intensive instruction from the surf coach, leaving the rest of you with less attention than you would like.


Surf Lessons are really affordable in Costa Rica, and worth a little splurge on yourself. Here are some options:


  • Private 90 minute lesson for up to 4 people: $120 total cost
  • Private 2 hr lesson for up to 4 people: $160 total cost
  • Private 90 minute lesson for up to 8 people: $240 total cost
  • Private 2 hr lesson for up to 8 people: $320 total cost


For highest safety measures, we allocate one instructor per 4 people over 12 years old. Families with little ones under 12 might choose to add an extra surf instructor, or simply take turns so that safety remains paramount.


All our instructors receive regular updates to first aid, CPR training, and can be counted upon in an emergency.


How do I get there?


You have several options to get to Playa Grande from Las Catalinas. As a guest of Las Catalinas, you can book a surf lesson with Frijoles Locos Surf School online and add the option for transportation, and it will all be taken care of for you. Round trip cost is $80USD.


The concierge at Las Catalinas can also book your surf lessons for you. They have a great team, including Mhairi, Fabio, Maria Jose and Estefania, among others!


You may choose to save some money and drive yourselves, if you already have a rental car. Don’t worry, we provide detailed, super clear driving directions so you won’t get lost!


What if we don’t all want to surf?


Easy! Frijoles Locos can provide rental of shade tents, a cooler with ice, beach chairs, boogie boards and even stock you up with some of Playa Grande’s own micro-brew beer! Chill out on the white sandy beach while the rest of your crew surf, and take in the surroundings.


After the surf lesson, we can guide you to one of our favorite restaurants in Playa Grande- there are so many good options on places to eat and drink in Playa Grande, you will be pleasantly surprised!


If you choose to have us arrange transport, you might like to take the water taxi over to Tamarindo, and be picked up by your private transport van from Tamarindo after doing a little exploring there. Many options for a super fun day abound. Email us, or book now!


Ready to book? Click here and you won’t be disappointed!



Tamarindo Family Surf Lessons

Tamarindo Family Surf Lessons

Welcome to a new family surf adventure!

Ready for your Tamarindo family surf lesson? Here we go! Hop aboard Enrique’s boat for a short water-taxi ride to another world. You are officially on your way to your Frijoles Locos Family Surf Lesson.

Glide up the Tamarindo Estuary keeping an eye out for birds, monkeys, and crocodiles. Peek carefully into the mangroves, and keep your eyes scanning the riverbanks. You never know what you will see as you are transported away from the hustle and bustle of Tamarindo, to the small, quiet community of Playa Grande.

Are you an explorer?

Created with adventurous Tamarindo family visitors in mind, our Playa Grande surf lesson package is right for you if you are the kind of family who likes to do things a little different!

How does it work?

Once you have made your reservation, and have a confirmation, simply walk down the beach of Tamarindo, until you reach the ‘pangas’. Pangas are the name locals give to small boats. You will see the collection of boats that are on standby to take willing beach-walkers across the river. Here, Enrique (the boat captain) will meet you and take you 5-10 minutes up the river to Hotel Bula Bula, where your surf instructor and guide from Frijoles Locos Surf School will await you.

From Hotel Bula Bula, you will jump in the Frijoles Locos surf-mobile and be driven to the most suitable part of the beach for learning to surf. Enjoy your 90-minute surf lesson away from the crowds and a far-cry from the hoards of other surf schools. Focus on learning, safety and fun.

Book now! We look forward to treating you to a phenomenal surf lesson, and the full Playa Grande experience.

Details and necessary information:

We offer clients who stay in Tamarindo a special package where you catch a small boat taxi across the estuary from Tamarindo to Playa Grande (to a hotel called Hotel Bula Bula).

Private lessons (from Tamarindo, by boat) Ideal for families!

  • 1- 4 people with one instructor
  • 90 minutes instruction time. Please allow at least 2- 3 hours out of your day for this option, in case you wish to visit our surf shop and take a shower/ see more of Playa Grande.
  • Board and rash-guard included for lesson duration.
  • Personalized instruction with one instructor just for your group.
  • 1 instructor can teach up to 4 students. Flexible attendance…same price for 1 up to 4, in case people drop out or want to join on a whim.
  • transportation from Hotel Bula Bula (meeting you from the boat), and within Playa Grande included.
  • Best for people who appreciate a custom experience, tailored to your level of surfing.

Cost for this package is $145.

The boat trip will take 5 minutes- then only a couple minutes to the surf spot.


You can choose to drive from Tamarindo in your rental car, and park at our surf shop, however, it will take 25-30 minutes to drive, each way. The cost if you drive yourselves to Frijoles Locos Surf Shop is $120.

How Do I book?

In order to reserve, we request from you the following info. Please email to [email protected] or fill out the contact form down below.

Desired dates: (please give 2-3 choices)

Desired Time: lessons are scheduled according to tides however, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Activity:  Surf Lessons with Frijoles Locos at Playa Grande by boat from Tamarindo.

Name/s of Client/s: 

Number of participants:

Contact info for participants:   

Accommodation- hotel/ house name: 

AGES of kids, if any: 

Price:  $145 for up to 4 people.

Remarks/ notes:

– Surf instruction, surfboard and lycra rashguard provided for lesson duration (90 minutes)

– Payment in advance will be requested (credit card or Paypal)

– Boat transfer from Tamarindo to Hotel Bula Bula in Playa Grande and return included.

– Transport from Hotel Bula Bula by vehicle to the beach for surfing included.

– Transport within Playa Grande if desired, included.

– Please help us keep Costa Rica beautiful and bring your own refillable water bottle. We do not supply water in single-use plastic bottles.

– Leave all unnecessary valuables at your hotel, bring only what you will be using in the water, plus a towel and drink bottle.

Cancellation Policy: All cancellations within 48 hours of scheduled activity will incur a full penalty fee.


Why Does Costa Rica rock for family vacations?

Why Does Costa Rica rock for family vacations?

Costa Rica outdoor lifeWhy does Costa Rica rock for family vacations?

1/ Easy to get to:

With more flights than ever before, LIR (Liberia International Airport) is super accessible. With direct flights from Baltimore, LAX, Houston, Dallas, Miami, JFK and Atlanta, there is sure to be a hub close by. Added bonus, once the wheel touch the tarmac, the North Pacific hotspots such as Tamarindo and Playa Grande, are less than an hour’s drive away.

2/ Family-friendly:

This becomes obvious the moment you line up for customs. Keep your eyes open for the family-friendly line to the far right of the customs/ immigration area at LIR. Families with small kids are welcome to glide right over to that special line, beating the boredom blues and cruising on through, fuss-free.

Once outside the airport, you will get the feeling that family is everything. Many local families live 3 generations in one home- sometimes out of necessity, but get this: most wouldn’t dream of putting Grammy or Grampy in a nursing home or retirement village- it just isn’t done here!

A positive side-effect of all this family-philia is that your rowdy, raucous kids won’t upset the apple-cart at any locally run restaurants. What does this mean for you? Less stress, more fun, happy family!

3/ Peaceful:

Costa Rica has no army. Peace runs through Costa Rica like blood runs through your veins. People are generally very happy, friendly and non-confrontational. Police in Costa Rica are likely to smile and wave in response to your smile and wave- they aren’t scary! People are human in Costa Rica- courteous, and polite. Old-fashioned good manners are appreciated, and contagious. You will notice the difference and be changed because of it.

4/ Outdoor paradise:

Costa Rica has room to run, play, and simply immerse oneself in the outdoors. Kids love the wildlife, the freedom, the warm ocean and the sunny days. With an enormous selection of activities, enjoying the outdoors is easy and stress-free. Just remember, pack your sunscreen, sun-hats and UV shirts- it gets HOT here.

Book your Costa Rica vacation now!