About Frijoles Locos Surf Shop & Spa

Playa Grande Surf Shop Staff, Owners and Experience

We are Frijoles Locos and are here to do our very best to ensure your vacation in Playa Grande is everything you want it to be, and more.

We offer products and services of the highest quality, to satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients at a local, national and global level. We have a passion for surfing, and wish to share our joy and happiness with those who share our philosophy

The Frijoles Locos team wishes to share with you our love of the ocean and our passion for the ocean lifestyle.  To achieve our goals, we are fortunate to have the most amazing team at Frijoles Locos.

Frijoles Locos Team

Meet the Team

Eleazar “Eli”

Sales, Surf Lessons, Nature Lover,

Walking into the shop, you will most likely first encounter Eli, our soft spoken, intelligent, and no-nonsense kind of guy. His pleasant demeanor and genuine nature are infectious and he always aims to please. Eli loves to get his hands dirty and problem solve for the shop and for our customers – he gets the job done and gets it done well. Have a question about surfing or Costa Rican wild life? Eli has the answer! We are grateful that he joined our team in 2017.

Eli has two beautiful daughters Mia & Amber at  La Paz Community School who share their dad’s love for surfing and music. If Eli is not in the shop you can likely find him surfing his longboard, out teaching surfing lessons or spending time with Mia & Amber.

Juan Carlos “JC”

Jack of all Trades

Juan Carlos is our jack of all trades- JC is like WD-40 – he makes everything run smoothly. Constantly looking for things to do, JC tidies, organizes, categorizes and maintains our rental equipment and anything else he sees fit. JC is a patient, talented surf instructor and enjoys sharing his passion for surf with budding surf lesson clients.

JC really loves to cook, and is very good at it. If you are looking for a casual cooking experience at your rental home, let us know and we can line up JC for you on his days off.

Andrea “Andy”

Sales assistant and all-round cool chica

Andrea is JC’s sister and joined our team in 2017. When you walk into the shop, you will feel her bright and bubbly personality right away. Not only does she have a cool sense of fashion, she also loves to help pick out the perfect piece of merchandise for you! Her positive and friendly attitude towards everyone allows her to bond with customers and guests alike and make you feel comfortable.

Having a brother who is very passionate about surfing and working at a surf shop naturally lead to Andy embracing the surf culture herself. Don’t be surprised to find her along with her colleagues out in the line up!

Azucena “Azu”

Fantastic Organizer

Azucena keeps everything neat, tidy and clean. A fantastic organizer, Azu makes our back-stock bearable and our shelves clean and visually appealing. Primarily fulfilling the role of cleaning lady for the shop and apartments, Azu goes above and beyond, learning some simple merchandising tricks, to present our retail store in the best way possible.

Juan Jose “JJ”

Head surf Instructor and excellent surfer

JJ joined the Frijoles Locos staff team around April 2013. A passion for surf, he can talk to you forever about boards, surf spots, waves, anything that interests you about surfing! Moreover, JJ has a passion for his country, the wildlife, the birdlife, the trees and he loves to impart his knowledge on any willing ears.

Having a degree in journalism, and a knack for graphic design, you will see the fruits of JJ’s work in our printed promotional materials. JJ is our Head Surf Instructor and eager to share his passion for surfing with you.

An encounter with JJ in Frijoles Locos will surely make you smile, and leave you feeling like you learned something new!


Concierge Manager and right hand of management

Jeannette has a zest for life and a surfer’s addiction like no other German yet! Starting at Frijoles Locos as our surf lesson client, Jeannette caught the bug for surfing and hasn’t looked back. Now firmly entrenched in the addicting world of surfing, Jeannette has found a way to balance work and fun. She now puts her university education to work (Tourism and Hospitality), creating the ideal vacation for you in her role as Concierge Manager. You are most likely to encounter Jeannette first online, when you inquire about tours, activities, transport, surf lessons or similar. She is also our Guest Liaison and will be your first port of call for any issues that arise as a guest in one of our lovely apartments. Besides being there for guests, clients and customers, Jeannette is an invaluable help to our management.

Arelys “Ara”

Manager of Day Spa

Arelys Fonseca (Now independent Owner/ Manager of Day Spa) began with the the founders of Frijoles Locos back in 2009 when their son Finnegan was a baby. Starting out as a nanny, Arelys took the very best care of her young dependent, always making sure he was safe, happy and content. In ensuing years, with Finnegan attending school Arelys has become one of the most important team members to Frijoles Locos. Trying her best to learn and speak English, she interacted with customers, and made sure the shop was always looking neat, tidy and clean.

Having completed her Physical Therapy studies and massage school, Arelys joined the team at El Frijol Feliz Day Spa, offering massages, pedicures, manicures, facials and body scrubs. We were fortunate to have Arelys on our staff for so many years and now wish her the very best as she runs the spa independently, having gained good experience in both massage therapy and business skills.

Jostin “Jos”

Shop assistant, surf instruction

Jostin is the newest member of the Frijoles Locos family. He grew up surfing at a young age and loves to spread the surf stoke. As an instructor he will definitely get you up on the surfboard and make sure you get the most out of your surf lesson! Jostin happily assists you in all things surf and loves sharing his knowledge about surfboards, surf spots and recommending other beautiful places to explore in his home country of Costa Rica.



Meet the Owners

Andrew “Drew”

Drew grew up in Virginia, USA, an hour outside of Washington, DC.  He spent summers on Hatteras Island, NC where he developed a love for the ocean at an early age.  He graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in Sports Medicine & went to graduate school at James Madison University’s School of Kinesiology where he worked in the sports medicine department with the football and basketball teams. All through college Drew spent summers teaching surfing lessons in the mornings & waiting tables in the evenings. After working for a few years at James Madison University he moved full time to Hatteras Island to open Hatteras Island Boardsports Surf Shop in 2001 with his brother. Drew would take advantage of the low season in NC to travel around and, after his first trip to Costa Rica in 1996 (to Playa Grande of all places!), he made Costa Rica his annual winter spot. He ran Hatteras Island Boardsports until he married Julianne in 2014

Julianne “Jules”

Jules is a tica with an American dad and dual US citizenship. Jules grew up in San José, and went to school for Tropical Biology here in Costa Rica. She specialized doing sea turtle research and worked later with the World Wildlife Fund in Playas Ostional, Nancite and Junquillal in Guanacaste. She got a Masters in Environmental Management at Yale’s School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and has worked on climate change issues at the intersection of environment and development for over a decade. She’s done field work with marginalized communities in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe and tried the private sector while working for a startup in San Francisco. After globetrotting and living in a couple of US cities (Washington DC and San Francisco), she decided there’s no place like home. Jules is a champion for the environment and for local communities, her younger brother surfs and she grew up going to Guanacaste with her family. She’s most at home floating in the tropical Pacific, hiking in the Costa Rican rainforest or listening to the congos on a rainy afternoon— needless to say, she’s thrilled to support the small, tight team here at Frijoles Locos while getting to enjoy the turtles, the salt air and her beloved Ceibos.

Drew & Jules met in Drew’s NC surf shop in 2012 when she came in with her brother to rent a surfboard.  Jules was living in Washington, DC but they kept in touch, started dating and quickly realized they wanted to be together.  They married in January of 2014, traveled and volunteered around Southeast Asia for 6 months and moved to California in May of 2014. They were living in the San Francisco Bay Area when Drew discovered the Frijoles Locos sale listing — after nearly a year of research, hundreds of emails, countless Skype calls with Corynne and a few visits to see the shop and business in action, they had committed to their dream of living in Guanacaste and moved to Playa Grande to take over Frijoles Locos.  They know that Corynne and Ian are leaving big shoes to fill but are confident in their past experience, the amazing Frijoles Locos team, the wonderful Playa Grande community and the ongoing support of Corynne and Ian.

In the Community

Frijoles Locos Surf Shop is proud to support La Paz Community School, particularly their scholarship program so that today’s youth will have a bright future. In generations to come, local families will have more opportunity to create their own businesses, become leaders within the community, increase awareness of our environment and embrace sustainability.

La Paz Community School is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2007 in order to address fundamental socioeconomic and cultural gaps prevalent in a region struggling to cope with the balance of an agriculture and tourism based economy. By integrating talented youth from the underprivileged, middle class, and upper class sector of rural Latin America, the school transforms student differences into strengths that foment rich and meaningful dialogue and experiences at all grade levels, thus preparing students to effectively confront global challenges.

The scholarship program at La Paz Community School enables students who would never have been afforded the chance to receive such a quality education, to do so. While donations to the scholarship fund help cover costs of education, there are so many other needs to be met, which is where you can really help (Pack for a Purpose). Thank you for your time and effort in giving back to the community you are visiting. In this way, you are truly helping to change the future of these wonderful children and consequently, their own families.

Frijoles Locos also supports CEPIA, founded by the wonderful, talented and visionary Laeticia DeWeer. CEPIA is an organization that helps improve the quality of life of youth and families in the local area, by supporting and training to assist the poor in job placement, teaching new skills, attending to physical and mental health of those in need, and promoting cultural development.

La Paz Community School Costa Rica
Pack for a Purpose