Frijoles Locos Bodyboard Rentals

Playa Grande Surf Shop, Costa Rica

Bodyboard Rentals, Costa Rica

If you prefer to enjoy the surf with using boogieboards, we offer a wide range of premium bodyboard rental options for the whole family to enjoy the waves in Playa Grande and surrounding areas.

We carry a large selection of bodyboards for rent.

Waveskater bodyboards are a fun new design, with channels underneath to increase speed, and a concave deck for a more streamlined profile.

We have small kids sized boogie boards, and everything in between up to large adults sized boogie boards.

When selecting the correct size, look for a body board that comes up to your belly-button. Bigger is fine, but too small and it will make it difficult to catch waves.

Bodyboard Rental Rates:

  • $7 per day.
  • $35 per week.

Please ensure boogie boards are not left top-side up in the sun. Turn the board over so that the slick hard bottom is facing up when not in use and in the sun.

Thank you. Pura Vida.